Monroe Boat Club Event Photos

2018 AYC Room 1
2018 AYC Room 1

2018 AYC Room 2
2018 AYC Room 2

2018 AYC Room 4
2018 AYC Room 4

2014 MBC Dockmaster

2018 AYC Room 1
2018 AYC Room 1

2018 AYC Room

The photos are from the AYC Commodore's Ball & Weekend. The event was held at the Holdiay Inn in French Quarter.


Everyone had a great time!


The MBC Room was sponsored by  Craig Sauer, Power Fleet Captain





After playing 10+ years in the AYC pool league, MBC took 1st place the season of 2013-14.


MBC won the first round and Riverview won the second half, forcing a playoff for the championship.  The league playoff rules state a race to eight (8) wins for the crown with a maximum of 15 games played.  The playoff took place at Riverview with RVYC leading 4 wins to 2.  MBC then took charge and won six in a row to get the trophy.


The traveling trophy was presented to Rear Commadore Bill Amatuci for his support of the team and placement in the club lounge.


2013-2014 MBC Pool Team Members:


1st Half Captain:  David Amer

2nd Half Captain:  Gary Kranz


Kevin Angove

Clyde Morgan

Brian Amer

Fritz Peterson

Ed Frantzen


Alternates:  Russell Kenyon Jr.

                    P/C John Peterson

                    Harold Sauer


Article submitted by Gary Kranz

Fireworks at PIB - 9/1/2013