Sail Fleet Races - 2020 Schedule



Join the MBC Sail Fleet on Tuesday nights for some friendly competition. The Midweek races are open to any single-hulled, auxiliary sailboat. The weekly races are organized into three series and include both PERF and JAM divisions. We are also planning to have a cruising division in 2020... more details to come. If you would like to see what MBC sail racing is all about, please contact John Davis, 2020 Sail Fleet Captain, or Charlie Simmons. assistant chair.


Tuesday Night Spring Series -----------  June 16 - July 21


Tuesday Night Summer Series --------  July 28 - September 1


Tuesday Night Rum Series ----------  September 8 - September 22

Friday Night Rum Regattas ---------  June 5, June 19, July 10, August 28, September 11


In addition to the Midweek races, MBC sponsors three I-LYA sanctioned races involving members from other area yacht clubs. These races are as follows:


Race for the Sisters ----- July 18 (Troy Willett - Chair)

 Ladies' Race* ------------  August 9 (Dan Sadoski - Chair)

Solo Challenge  ----------  August 15 (Walt Norris - Chair)


* At least 50% of the crew must be female.

And for you power boaters and sailors who wish to either crew on a sail boat or who would just like to experience the pleasure of sail racing, click the link below and we will get you a ride. I'm sure you will not regret taking advantage of an opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy a sometimes exciting, but quiet ride. Please click on the following button, add your contact information to the email and you will be contacted for more information.