Yachting Associations

Membership in the Monroe Boat Club provides members with various reciprocity from other organizations.  To get information about events and reciprocity to other clubs, please use the following links.

Associated Yacht Clubs (AYC) - These 30+ clubs are all within 50 miles of the Maumee Entrance Light in Lake Erie.  Information is posted on their web site at: 


Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA) - There are over 140 clubs in six states that are member clubs of the I-LYA.  You can get more information about events and member clubs at:


Yachting Club of America (YCA) -  The Yachting Club of America represents over 300,000 members of  over 700 YCA registered Yacht & Sailing Clubs in America.   This includes clubs in Hawaii and Alaska.  More information is available at:


You will need to log into the "Members Only" section on the home page to view the clubs listed in the directory for reciprocity information.  MBC's user ID is - club1040 and the password is y100446c.